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You can continue this exercise by squeezing the muscles that

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These clamps are used in woodworking

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Other features to watch out for would be VPN server location

Obama gave out Medals of Honor to dozens of soldiers. So it is really weird that they chose to use a photo of him with Ellen instead of one any of those. It almost as if they were intentionally making an unfair comparison in order to confirm the biases of the uneducated rubes who trust Facebook memes more than actual… (more…)

Crater’s mistress was also believed to be involved

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4 million bbl last week, WTI prices took a hit

So much of the conversation about whether or not it’s ethical to visit North Korea is ultimately unanswerable because it’s about making tiny and unmeasurable changes within a massive system. Will talking to a few North Koreans in Pyongyang, home of the most loyal citizens, change any minds? Will standing in front of a giant Kim Il Sung statue? Does… (more…)