Comparison of Hardwood Versus Laminate

When looking at new flooring options, hardwood floors and laminate flooring are popular choices. Many homes in Dallas, Texas use these materials to enhance a home’s charm and make it more appealing. Each flooring option has its advantages that should be considered when choosing the correct material for your home.

Hardwood floors are solid wood planks, or layers of wood, which are typically ¾ inch thick. They give a warm, natural look to any room. When properly cared for they can last for the lifetime of your home and can increase its value too. Solid wood floors come either unfinished, or pre-finished, and are installed over a wooden sub-floor. Depending on how they are finished, they can have moderate to very good resistance to scratches and impact damage. Hardwood floors can stain when liquids are spilled on them, if allowed to soak into the wood, and can change color if exposed to direct sunlight. Maintenance is simple and any damage can be repaired by sanding the floor to a flat surface and refinishing it.

Laminate flooring is not made of solid wood, but is engineered to look like a solid wood floor. It is made by layering different materials. A bottom layer on which the floor rests, a core layer that provides the thickness of the boards, a pattern layer to give the desired appearance, and a protective top layer that prevents damage. These floors have excellent resistance to scratches, staining, and discoloration, but are very difficult to repair once damaged. Deep scratches or dents cannot be repaired and the boards must be replaced. Refinishing laminate flooring is not possible.

When choosing new floors, or updating old ones, in Dallas, Texas, seek out a qualified contractor to help you in choosing and installing the correct flooring options for you.

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