Crater’s mistress was also believed to be involved

6 People Who Just Fucking Disappeared

replica handbags online Mr. Cooper sat down and handed a note to a stewardess telling her the plane was being hijacked and Fake Designer Bags that he had a Designer Replica Bags bomb (hijackers weren’t nearly as rude back then). He demanded $200,000 and four parachutes upon arrival replica handbags china in Seattle. replica handbags online

purse replica handbags This is the point in most hijackings where the plane lands and a police sniper shoots the hijacker in the head. Cooper, however, had a plan. purse replica handbags

replica handbags china Once on the ground Cooper let all the passengers off (keeping three crew members on board to fly the plane) and in exchange, he got his cash Handbags Replica and parachutes. He ordered the pilot to take off once more, while the FBI could only stand on the tarmac below and shake their fists up at the sky. replica handbags china

wholesale replica designer handbags Cooper and the wholesale replica designer handbags crew flew to Reno, Nevada, where he forced them to fly the plane low and slow, which are parachutin’ conditions. Cooper lowered the rear stairs, jumped out, and was never seen again. All he left behind were two of the parachutes and his purse replica handbags tie. wholesale replica designer handbags

When the police couldn’t find the body or the parachutes they started hauling in everyone and their hijacker looking friends. cheap replica handbags The list of suspects was at one Fake Designer Bags point around 1,000 people. Cooper who Replica Designer Handbags was quickly cleared as a suspect, although the media ran his name as the hijacker’s alias (again, all this could have been avoided if he picked an alias like “Brock Meatstone” or “Senator Samson Loveblast”).

Officially the FBI has stated aaa replica designer handbags that Cooper Wholesale Replica Bags didn’t Replica Bags survive the jump. The FBI replica handbags china reached this conclusion based on the fact that Cooper appeared to be a card carrying idiot, seeing as how he jumped in the middle of a heavy rainstorm and could have had no idea of where he was going to land (he was somewhere northeast of Portland when he jumped). In 1980 a local boy found $5,880 of Cooper’s ill gotten cash washed up on the shores of the Columbia River. The FBI figured the money meant he was either dead or got mugged by Bigfoot.

Replica Bags Wholesale We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he landed. We like to think that immediately after, he was accosted replica handbags china by a group of mountain men who did indescribable things to him. They then took his money, moved to Seattle and opened the first Starbucks. Replica Bags Wholesale

Wholesale Replica Bags Ambrose Small was a Canadian theater tycoon, which is several stages below “Nigerian pogo stick Fake Handbags tycoon” in the tycoon hierarchy. At his height he owned virtually all the theaters in eastern Canada, which he was able to acquire with the help of his wife, a heiress to a brewery fortune. He was also known for being a gambler, a womanizer and openly hating poor people. He was equally known for being a possible walrus hybrid. Wholesale Replica Bags

In 1919 he decided to get out cheap replica handbags of the theater business, selling aaa replica designer handbags his properties for $1.7 million. The day Handbags Replica after he sold all his properties he left his lawyer’s office and was never seen again. Your thinking to yourself, “Well he was a rich asshole with enemies, Replica Bags someone probably killed him for his money!” The only problem is that his money Fake Designer Bags was left untouched.

KnockOff Handbags The police were baffled. There was no ransom note and no motive for Ambrose to leave the country without his cash. The police tore the country apart and found nothing, which is what you would expect to find in Canada. KnockOff Handbags

When they couldn’t find anything, the Canadian police followed their SOP and Handbags Replica contacted some crazy people claiming to be psychics. The popular theory among them was that Ambrose Replica Designer Handbags suddenly came down with a case of amnesia and in his forgetful state, he decided to fucking hide from everyone. They finally closed the case in 1960 after exhaustive Canadian research concluding that if he wasn’t already dead, then he would be really fucking old.

Today people claim that his ghost haunts two of the theaters that he used to own, at least until they’re torn down to build a couple more Tim Hortons.

Fake Designer Bags But while he may have been smart enough to become a judge, he hid his corruption with the subtlety of a coked up elephant driving a semi through an elementary school. Or with all the subtlety of someone named Joe Force Crater. Fake Designer Bags

cheap replica handbags Not to be confused with the wrestler of the same name cheap replica handbags

replica Purse He repeatedly went on “long business trips” away from his wife and made a habit of storing briefcases full of money in his office. replica Purse

Replica Bags He was last seen on August 6, 1930 purse replica handbags entering a cab after having dinner with Designer Replica Bags his mistress. He disappeared along with the contents of his safety deposit box and two briefcases full of money. Most experts figure KnockOff Handbags that because he had the criminal mind of chimp with a railroad spike through its head, he fled to either escape before he was arrested or was killed by the mob. Replica Bags

In 2005, the police received a letter saying that someone knew Fake Designer Bags where the body was buried and who did it. The letter said that he was buried under what currently is the New York Aquarium and named several cops and mobsters as the killers. Crater’s mistress was also believed to be involved, although she also disappeared a couple months after Crater. Sadly for her the concept of a disappearing Fake Designer Bags people had already lost its novelty amongst the American public.

Handbags Replica The cops came forward and said that they found a body at that site in the 1950s, but not recognizing it as Crater, dumped it in a pile of other unknown bodies and buried them all together. purse replica handbags Sure, they could dig through all those unknown remains to run DNA tests, but experts note that the task sounded like a huge pain in the ass. Handbags Replica

Replica Designer Handbags In his short story The Reapers Image, Stephen King claims that Crater looked into a Replica Bags Wholesale Death Mirror that caused him to disappear. Who are we to argue with the man? Replica Designer Handbags

In the math world he is known for the Weisfeiler Leman Algorithm and Kac Weisfeiler conjectures. We here Designer Replica Bags at Cracked have more important and sexier things to do than to explain to you Goyard Replica Handbag what these things mean, just assume that we’d all be dead if he hadn’t figured these things out.

Designer Fake Bags Anyway, sometime around Christmas 1985, Weisfeiler decided that it would fun to Designer Fake Bags romp around Chile for Fake Handbags awhile, which back then was run by the CIA backed dictator Augusto Pinochet. During his rule, the country’s major tourist attraction were the hours of fun deciding whether you wanted to be killed by guerrillas or the government. Like many Replica Bags people who lived in Chile at the time, Boris Weisfeiler disappeared. Designer Fake Bags

high quality replica handbags Pinochet often posed as if being photographed for a rap album high quality replica handbags cover high quality replica handbags

Fake Handbags When people started to notice that he was missing, the Chilean government immediately declared that he had drowned. They didn’t have any evidence for this claim, but that’s what’s awesome about running a dictatorship: You can say pretty much whatever you want. Fake Handbags

Designer Replica Bags In 1990 a Chilean informant said that Weisfeiler was abducted by the government when they suspected him of being a Russian spy. He was allegedly held prisoner in the Dignidad colony, a German colony that was run by a child molesting Nazi named Paul Schafer, which the Chilean secret police used to interrogate prisoners. Designer Replica Bags

The Chilean governments since Pinochet have made some half assed attempts to find Weisfeiler as one of the 1,000 or so other people who turned up missing during Pinochet’s reign. replica handbags china They came KnockOff Handbags up with a few people and then called it quits, not really wanting to follow a trail that may very well replica handbags china end at Nazi child molesters.

What he may look like today. Or not.

aaa replica designer handbags They were the crew of the USS Cyclops, a bunch of rough and tumble badass Navy men who protected America from foreign enemies and mythical sea creatures. We think, that or they spent their time performing campy musicals. Not much is known about the crew, Replica Handbags but we’ll be optimistic about it. aaa replica designer handbags

Replica Handbags The Cyclops was on its way back to Maryland in 1918 when it made an unexpected two Designer Fake Bags day stop in Barbados, they shipped off and all 306 crew members and the whole fucking ship were never seen again. To date it is the largest loss of life in a non combat situation in Navy history. You Fake Handbags can thank us when you’ve won $400 on Jeopardy Replica Handbags.

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