Laminate Floors for High Traffic Areas

If you are looking to use laminate flooring for your office where there is high traffic all the time, then you should go for the ones which come with a lifetime warranty. On the other hand, if you are looking to use it at your home where the traffic is light, you can go for the ones which come with a warranty period of ten to fifteen years. Moreover, if you know that you won’t stay at a particular place for a long time, spending money for good quality flooring will be useless. It is advisable to use laminates having joints impregnated with paraffin wax since they are capable of repelling water to a great extent.

Composed of six layers, laminate flooring is available in sizes of squares or planks and has a tongue interlocking in a groove. It is made of a laminate having a surface layer of melamine wearlayer. This wear layer is extremely tough, durable and hard and can resist stains, burns as well as scratches. Next is the print layer which is designed to provide a beautiful outlook to your floor. The laminated planks are joined together by the plastic resin known as melamine which is used to impart strength and durability. The most important layer is the core which is composed of HDF (high density fiber board) and melamine resins to improve the resistance to moisture. The main function of the core is to provide stability to the floors.

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