Laminate Vs Hardwood Comparison

Although they can have a strikingly similar appearance, there is a significant difference between laminate flooring and traditional hardwood flooring. While both laminate and hardwood floors can be an extremely attractive choice in either new Dallas construction or renovation, choosing between the two is an important decision.

Traditional hardwood flooring is just that, actual milled hardwood. For those Texas homeowners that choose hardwood floors, it’s much more expensive that laminates, and it should always be installed by qualified professionals. Hardwood floors are long lasting, but will require more overall maintenance than laminate floors.

Manufactured laminate flooring is essentially a layer of dense and durable wood fiber that is covered by a graphic image of a particular wood species, then covered with a long lasting clear finish. The product is tough, attractive, and relatively easy to install. For those homeowners in Texas who are involved in a remodel, laminate floors offer the perfect solution for flooring on a budget, that will have the appearance of traditional hardwood.

Although there are benefits to both hardwood and laminates, cost is a significant factor when making the decision. While many Dallas homeowners may want hardwood flooring, their budget may not agree. Either way, both materials will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for any new or renovated home.

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