Stained Concrete vs. Carpeted Flooring

When considering the installation of new flooring in the home or business, stained concrete provides many advantages over carpeting. Stained concrete, unlike carpet is ideal for cleaning and stain removal, it is extremely durable and unlike fabric, it doesn’t provide a medium for pathogens and allergens, the material can be stained and stamped to match any taste and decor, it is low-maintenance and can endure high-impact. Applying stain and polish to a floor is an excellent way to refurbish an existing concrete surface. The concrete already in place can be refinished without having to invest in new flooring materials. Contractors in large cities like Dallas, Texas can provide skilled and professional installation.New carpeting is beautiful, but before long it becomes worn and speckled with stains that are difficult to remove. The constant worry of dirtying the carpet is an annoying plague for homeowners. Installing a beautiful stained concrete floor eliminates the stress of maintaining carpeting and is perfect for lively families and pets.

Floors installed by this method is extremely durable. It far exceeds the lifetime of other flooring including carpet and wood. It shows virtually no wear and is immaculately clean with a quick sweep and a mop.

Providing a home for pathogens and allergens is avoided by installing these beautiful floors. Allergy sufferers can find refuge in their homes and can be assured that they are not harboring allergens under their feet.

Amazingly almost any color and style can be accomplished by this method of installation. The effects brought on by the unique coloring and polishing method create a surface with an astonishingly warm and beautiful appearance. The use of stamping and cracking can give the surface the appearance of a natural stone finish. The finished results and decorator possibilities are endless.

Choosing a reputable contractor is the first step in procuring an easy to care for and economical choice for any home or business. Professional contractors in cities like Dallas, Texas can work with clients to create the most beautiful surface that meets one’s needs and are trained to stain the surface at just the right shade desired by the customer. Expensive looking and durable results can be created quickly and at a fraction of the cost of other surfaces making it a wise choice when remodeling.


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